One of the prominent Investment Banking Company in Uzbekistan with the experience of more than 21 years. At Ansher, we are all about the long term relationship with our clients and partners. 

One of the successful initiative by Ansher - Development of the mountain tourism in recreational zone in Bostanlyk region, Uzbekistan. 

Our brokerage team have taken a value-oriented approach towards public and private equity investing for several decades and are proud of the long-term results they have realized. 

Who are we?

Message from the Chairman

Ansher Investments LLP successfully operates in Uzbekistan and other countries of Central Asia with a strong track record and experience of over 22 years. 

Ansher Investments LLP is a London-based holding company that conducts its business in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries through its subsidiary, Ansher Capital LLC, which is the largest investment bank in Uzbekistan by capitalization and the most experienced in this market.

Ansher Capital is the first traditional investment-banking boutique firm in Uzbekistan, which implements new types of services and financial instruments, as well as international business standards and makes a significant contribution to the capital market development of Uzbekistan. 

Ansher Capital has all necessary licenses issued by the Capital Market Development Agency of Uzbekistan to conduct brokerage, advisory, depository, and asset management services for its clients. It has proved its professionalism and gained international recognition by being awarded 5 Euromoney Awards of Excellence as the “Best Investment Bank in Central Asia and Uzbekistan” and a number of other international and local awards. 

Over its period of operation, Ansher Capital has successfully attracted various types of foreign investments to a number of enterprises and banks of Uzbekistan. Thus, Ansher Capital has paved the way for international investors to invest directly in the region while providing them with top quality guidance and feedback from on-site specialists and analysts. The company has curved its competitive edge through provision of high quality package services, which enables the clients to enjoy a "one window stop” approach.


Anvar Rasulev

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ansher Investments LLP


Ansher Capital holds the necessary licenses to provide brokerage, asset management and depository services in Uzbekistan.

In addition, Ansher Capital provides investment advisory, M&A advisory, private placement and IPO services covering most of the sectors throughout the Great Silk Road region. Ansher Capital enables its own funds as well as investments of its partners to invest directly in Central Asia while providing them with top quality guidance and feedback from on-site specialists and analysts. 

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  • Investment Advisory
  • Brokerage Services
  • Asset Management
  • Equity Products
  • Property Sales
  • Projects Initiated by Ansher
Why choose Ansher?
We know where to invest!

Ansher Capital is a flagship company within Ansher group of companies and has won various international and regional awards (Euromoney, EMEA Finance, etc) as best investment bank in Central Asia and Uzbekistan.


Our team members are experienced professionals with strong passion to put maximum effort towards every project to be successful.


We have an extensive experience and tracking record of over 20 years.

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Our Projects
Ongoing Projects
Free Tourist Zone in the Tashkent region
Free Tourist Zone in the Tashkent region

Projects to be created on the territory of the Charvak Free Tourist Zone in the Tashkent region (the total cost of the project is estimated by experts in the amount of USD2.0 billion)

International Airport outside the city of Tashkent - a new Central Asian aviation hub
International Airport outside the city of Tashkent - a new Central Asian aviation hub

The new modern complex of airport comprises aviation, railway and automobile terminals, will annually service from 10.0 to 50.0 million passengers, and will also serve a huge number of cargo flows passing along the Great Silk Road. The management company set up to manage the new International Airport will also manage 12 other airports in Uzbekistan.

International Financial Center "Tashkent"
International Financial Center "Tashkent"

Ansher group of companies also works on the project on the establishment of the International Financial Center "Tashkent" on the territory of the international business center "Tashkent City" (which is currently under construction)

26, Gulbadanbegim street, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Tashkent 100041, Uzbekistan