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Anvar Rasulev


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ansher Investments LLP

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ansher Investments LLP, Mr. Rasulev constructively challenges and contributes to the development of Company’s business strategy. He coordinates the overall policy, planning and strategic development of the Ansher Investments LLP and other subsidiaries of the Ansher Group of Companies. 

Mr. Rasulev has more than 30 years of experience in the securities market industry, of those 7 years in the Government and Government institutions on securities market regulation and the last 23 years in the private sector.  
During 1990-2000, when Mr. Rasulev served as the Deputy Finance Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as Deputy General Director at Uzbek Securities Exchange Commission he prominently initiated and was directly involved in the establishment of several Government agencies in Uzbekistan on tax, foreign exchange and securities markets regulations, among which are the State Tax Committee, Foreign Exchange and Economic Department of the Ministry of Finance, the State Commission on Securities and Stock Exchanges under the Ministry of Finance, and Center on Coordination and Control over Functioning of the Securities Market (CCSM – Uzbek Securities Exchange Commission) of Uzbekistan.  
In the late 1990’s, while at CCSM Mr. Rasulev highly contributed to the establishment and further development of securities market infrastructure in Uzbekistan, such as Republican Stock Exchange "Tashkent", the Central Depository with the second level private depositories, Settlement and the Clearing Chamber “Elsis-Kliring”, OTC trading systems “Elsis-Savdo”, National Association of Investment Institutions, brokerage companies, investment funds and many others.  
Mr. Rasulev took active leading role during Uzbekistan’s membership in several International Financial Organizations such as World Bank, IMF, EBRD, ADB, and IOSCO. Under his effective coordination with World Bank in 1996-2000, a mass privatization program has been successfully implemented in Uzbekistan through the Privatization Investment Funds (PIFs).  
After deciding to leave the Government service, Mr. Rasulev managed Carthill Asset Management Company that played an essential role in the development of the securities market, and particularly, in the formation of the corporate bond market in Uzbekistan.  
Further in 2004, Mr. Rasulev was appointed as the General Director of Ansher Capital (which was rebranded from A&TM), the first ever investment banking company established in Uzbekistan. During 2005-2015 Mr. Rasulev has served in various positions, including Chairman of the Board of Directors Ansher Group AG (Zurich), Chairman of the Board of Directors Ansher Holding Limited (Singapore), Chairman of National Association of Investment Institutions.  He also holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ansher International Ltd, which he assumed in 2011.

While leading the Ansher team, Mr. Rasulev has achieved tremendous results. His close relationships with governmental and commercial institutions around of world, his effective coordination and supervision of the whole Ansher Group of Companies have resulted in unprecedented rapid growth of the Group and proved to be a managerial success story.  

For its groundbreaking achievements, Ansher was awarded as the “Best Investment Bank in Central Asia” by Euromoney (seven times winner), “Best Investment Consultant” by the CCSM (three times winner) and “Best Investment Bank in Uzbekistan” by EMEA Finance during 2004-2008 as well as “Top 5 Best Performing Hedge Funds Asia” by BarclayHedge during 2008-2011.  
Mr. Rasulev holds Economics degree from Tashkent State University of Economics and PhD from the Institute of Economics of Uzbek Academy of Sciences. The Uzbek language is the mother tongue. Mr Rasulev is fluent in Russian and English
26, Gulbadanbegim street, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Tashkent 100041, Uzbekistan