Ansher group of companies covers the countries of Central Asia with a strong track record and experience of over 24 years.

Ansher effectively combines the investment activity with the activity of development of industrial projects in the key sectors of economies of the Region including oil and gas, mining, telecom, banking, insurance, chemicals and consumer goods, hospitality and tourism, and real estate together with its worldwide network of partners.

Ansher enables international investors to invest directly in the region while providing them with top quality guidance and feedback from on site specialists and analysts. The company has curved its competitive edge through provision of high quality package service, which enables the clients to enjoy "one window stop” approach.

Ansher Capital is a flagship company within Ansher group of companies and has won various international and regional awards (Euromoney, EMEA Finance, etc) as best investment bank in Central Asia and Uzbekistan.

The name “Ansher” in the Old Persian means a “swift lion”. Ansher’s logo appropriately depicts this name and harmonizes with its strength, energy and drive. Ansher’s name is also inspired by “Sher Dor”, the grand building in the world-famous Registan Square in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), the crown jewel of the ancient Great Silk Road.

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Ansher Capital's Corporate Presentation


26, Gulbadanbegim street, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Tashkent 100041, Uzbekistan