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1 Our experienced team of analysts prepare and publish country research products providing unique insight into the role the countries in the region play in the regional economy. Comprising stories, infographics, overview of key sectors of those economies, the country reports dive deep with data rich content critical in enabling global investors to become acknowledged about the region and make strategic decisions for the future of their companies.

Our key coverage countries are the following:

  - Kazakhstan            - Turkmenistan         - Georgia          - Uzbekistan

  - Western China       - Azerbaijan              - Latvia             - Armenia



2Our research team offers quality sector researches of the key industries of our coverage regions. Quality is not simply a slogan here - it is our daily focus. The analysts share their insights on key developments in the sector supported with expectations and projections in the global market. The team mainly covers the following sectors:

- Oil & Gas                 - Financial Services                                      - Food & Beverages

- Metals & Mining     - Real Estate & Construction Materials    - IT/Telecom & Media   - Transport & Logistics

We also prepare sector research products based on clients' specific needs and requirements.



3There are many untapped companies in the countries we cover that offer unprecedented equity invesment opportunities. And up to date knowledge about these opportunities is essential for investors that look to explore emerging market equities. Our analysts team with strong local expertise have virtually comprehensive knowledge of companies that operate in the most attractive sectors of the region.

We cover stocks of all the major companies in Central Asia and deliver in-depth equity researches tailoring the information and products to the nature and composition of investment portfolio and risk profiles of our clients.




4Our analysts produce weekly and monthly sector watch reports on Capital Markets, Oil & Gas and Metals & Mining sectors of the regions we cover.

Doing so we enlighten international investors about key developments in their interested markets, sectors and key companies as well as enabling them to see what equities in the market are outperforming others.

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