Ansher Capital closely works and has developed long-term partnership with institutions, corporations and government agencies providing investment advisory, M&A advisory, private placement and IPO covering most of the sectors throughout Great Silk Road region. 
Investment Advisory Department offers the following services for investors: 
Investment and Strategic Advisory, Deal Structuring - Company delivers the latest thinking and insights around issues of strategy, investment decisions and deal structuring in order to achieve high-performing finance, risk and compliance functions for investors. 
M&A Advisory Services – Company provides clients with full advisory in dealing with buying, selling and combining of companies in order to grow their businesses by mergers and acquisitions. Proprietary deals – Company always seeks opportunities when it comes for proprietary trading. Along with providing advisory services, Comapny identifies proprietary deals and best possible ways to benefit from them. 
Private Placement and Initial Public Offering – Company helps in private placement of shares and offers a full range of services in taking local companies with promising potential to public (IPO) in local and international stock exchanges.
Debt & Equity Issuance and Underwriting– Company has a world-class team of international and domestic experts specializing in fixed income and structured financing. The Company is an innovator in the field and has pioneered the introduction of fixed income market in Uzbekistan. 
Project Financing, Co-investing – Company helps clients to find financing for their projects through attracting potential investors, investing own capital or co-investing with other investors.
Based on its expansion strategy, Ansher Capital has been increasing its physical presence in Great Silk Road region by hiring a wide range of professionals. Company directs its operations in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China from its offices in Tashkent, Almaty and Urumqi respectively. Activities in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Caucasus and Baltic states performed through Firm's professionals covering the respective projects as well as through wide network of partner local investment banking companies, with whom Ansher Capital has long standing ties.
26, Gulbadanbegim street, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Tashkent 100041, Uzbekistan